Prof. Bil Tzerpos

Prof. Tzerpos’ research is in the area of reverse engineering of software systems for the purpose of understanding, detecting design patterns, and improving security. In particular, he is inteBilrested in automatic clustering of large software systems into meaningful subsystems, techniques that can identify software design pattern instances in existing systems, and the automatic detection of security vulnerabilities in system software. All three interests require the extraction and manipulation of relevant information from the source code, the binary code, and dynamic traces of software systems.

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Prof. Marin Litoiu

Prof. Litoiu research is in Software Performance Engineering and in Adaptive Systems. He focuses on design and runtime performance modeling of software systems, in adapation mechanisms that make the software more versatile, robust and manageable. Other research interests include Cloud Computing, Distributed and Internet Technologies, Software  Design. Before joining York University, Prof Litoiu was a Research Staff Member with Centre for Advanced Studies, IBM Toronto Lab, where he led the research programs in software engineering, system management and autonomic computing. He was Director of Research for  Centre of Excellence for Research in Adaptive Systems (CERAS)andChair of the Consortium for Software Engineering Research (CSER).

Prof Litoiu research is sponsored by IBM, CA, OCE, NSERC and York University.

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Prof. Sotirios Liaskos

Prof. Sotirios Liaskos research is in the area of Requirements Engineering for Information Systems. He is particularly interested in the analysis and design of highly-customizable software systems as well the configuration and adaptation of large information systems, such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. The approaches he takes rely heavily on effective use of conceptual modeling and artificial intelligence in various phases of the lifecycle. Current projects include the development of requirements-driven methods for producing high-variability systems, the study of the configuration of existing systems and how it can be facilitated, as well as theoretical and empirical work on model elicitation and comprehensibility.

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Prof. Jack ZhenMing Jiang

Prof. Jiang’s research lies within Software Engineering and Computer Systems, with special interests in software performance engineering, mining software repositories, debugging and monitoJack ZhenMing Jiangring of distributed systems, source code analysis, software architectural recovery and software visualizations. He strives to conduct practical research, which provides contributions to both academia and practice in the area of designing, developing, testing and maintaining large scale mission-critical systems. During his Ph.D. studies, he worked with the Performance Engineering team at BlackBerry (RIM). Tools resulted from his research are currently used daily to monitor and debug the health of several ultra large commercial software systems within BlackBerry.

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