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SE @ York Seminars – Ebrahim Bagheri on Information Mining from Twitter

Information Mining from Twitter Prof. Ebrahim Bagheri, Ryerson University Thursday November 5th, 2015, 11:00am. Lassonde Building 3033 – LAS3033 The microblogging service, Twitter, has gained wide popularity with over 300M active users and over 500M tweets per day. The unique characteristic of Twitter, only allowing short length messages to be communicated, has brought about interesting […]

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SE @ York Seminars – Luiz Cysneiros and Sotirios Liaskos’ presentations for iStar’13

Presentations by Luiz Cysneiros and Sotirios Liaskos for the 6th International i* Workshop (iStar’13). Wednesday, June 12th, 3:30-5:30pm, Technology Enhanced Learning 3062 (TEL3062) Luiz Marcio Cysneiros. School of Information Technology, York University Using i* to Elicit and Model Transparency in the Presence of Other Non-Functional Requirements: A Position Paper PDF Sotirios Liaskos. School of Information […]

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SE @ York Seminars – Fabiano Dalpiaz on software adaptation in socio-technical systems.

Software adaptation in socio-technical systems Fabiano Dalpiaz,, Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto, Canada Wednesday, November 21st, 2pm-3:30pm Technology Enhanced Learning Building – TEL 3062 Self-adaptive software systems are systems that monitor their environment and compensate if there are deviations from their requirements. Self-adaptivity is particularly important for distributed systems that involve both software […]

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