Requirements Engineering for Self-Adaptive Systems
Nauman Ahmed Qureshi
, Centre for Information Technology, Fondazione
Bruno Kessler (FBK-Irst) and University of Trento, Italy

Thursday, August 12th, 2010, 11am
Technology Enhanced Learning – TEL 3062

Requirements Engineering is challenging for Self-Adaptive Systems and in particular Service-based Applications (SBA). They are inherently open and distributed, as they rely on third-party services that are available over the Internet, and have to cope with the dynamism of such operating environment. Therefore, a key feature of such systems is that of being aware of the changes in both their operating environment by simultaneously remaining aware of their users’ goals and preferences through monitoring, evaluate such changes and adapt to a suitable alternative that can satisfy them. Engineering such applications significantly challenges the role of requirements engineering (RE). Usually, RE is carried out at the outset of the whole development process, but in the context of self-adaptive SBA, RE activities are also needed at run-time thus enabling a seamless SBA evolution.

This talk will present an ongoing work on a novel framework for building self-adaptive SBA that is goal- and user-oriented. The framework enables continuous adaptive requirements engineering (CARE) that supports continuous refinement of requirements artifacts at run-time, which involves consumers and the SBA itself as primary stakeholders. Later, conclusions and future work will be presented in the end.

Bio: Nauman A. Qureshi is a PhD Student at the Centre for Information Technology, Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK-Irst) and University of Trento, Italy. Before joining his PhD, Nauman worked as a Visiting Faculty (Adjunct Faculty) at University of North Carolina a Chorlette (UNCC), USA and Lectuer at National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Pakistan, from where he recieved his MS degree in Computer Science (Information Technology). In his current research Nauman focuses on how to engineer requirements for self-adaptive systems (SAS) in general and in particular service-based applications (SBA). Mainly he is intrested in reappraisal of requirements at run-time considering contextual changes in the environment. Apart from requirements engineering for SAS and Service-Based Applications, his research interests include goal-oriented Requirements Engineering and Agent-Oriented Software Engineering.